Underpants and Non Existent Touch Screens: The Decline of Gizmodo

Every morning, I wake up, open my laptop, and open a specific set of sites. I eat my breakfast while reading, save some pages for the bus ride, and then head to work. Every morning, it’s the same set of sites.

Hacker News is a new favorite of mine. It’s a great resource for some good articles to read. Engadget, despite having a poor reputation for the quality of its comments, is still a great tech blog. The Verge is relatively new, but like Engadget, it’s a great place for news on computers and electronics.

And there’s Lifehacker, which has some interesting tips and tricks, while Macrumors has all of the Mac news I could possibly need.

There’s also my Twitter feed. I follow a couple of Node.JS news bots, as well as some designers, developers, and products such as the Pebble. It makes for a great source of quick news snippets.

And then there’s Gizmodo.

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