Modern JavaScript

JavaScript, as a language and platform, as been around for years. Technically, JavaScript is just an implementation of something called “ECMA Script”, which was created by the ECMA standards organization[1]. Though JavaScript has a long history, many web developers simply know it by its familiar and ubiquitous syntax. The version of JavaScript that is currently used in the majority of browsers is often called “ES5.1”, which was published in June 2011.

ES6, also known as “ES2015”, was published very recently and includes several new features that developers have clamored for, including classes, arrow functions, and more. Though these features could be imitated using ES5.1, ES6 allows for developers to write more concise and clean code.

This in-progress course will eventually cover all the new syntax, data structures, and ways of programming with both ES6 and ES7. Additionally, the course will cover tools such as Babel and how to set up a completely ES6/ES7 compatible workflow that will still enable you to run your new code on older browsers with trans-piling.

[1]: A Short History of JavaScript