• Modern JavaScript

    by Andrew Munsell 4 Lessons in

    JavaScript, as a language and platform, as been around for years. Technically, JavaScript is just an implementation of something called “ECMA Script”, which was created by the ECMA standards organization[1]. Though JavaScript has a long history, many web developers simply know it by its familiar and ubiquitous syntax. The version of JavaScript that is currently … Continued

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  • Getting Started with Rancher, a self-hosted Docker PaaS

    by Andrew Munsell 4 Lessons in

    Rancher is a self-hosted, open source, Docker PaaS that supports features such as authentication, multi-host clusters, multi-host networking, service discovery, and custom scheduling parameters. Learn how to get started with the Rancher platform in an hour with this free course.

  • Introduction to Website Performance

    by Andrew Munsell 8 Lessons in

    There’s a famous statistic released by Amazon’s Greg Linden that indicated sales on Amazon decreased 1% for every 100ms increase in latency. Similarly, Google’s research concluded an extra half-second in page rendering time resulted in 20% lost traffic, while Shopzilla found that a 5-second increase in loading speed resulted in 25% more page views, 10% … Continued

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  • Learning Jekyll By Example

    by Andrew Munsell 12 Lessons in $15.00

    In what can only be explained as the Ultimate Jekyll Tutorial, you will learn how to build a Jekyll website start to finish. From a blank folder on your file system, you will learn how to install Ruby, Jekyll, and the various modules it depends on. You will then build a full, working Jekyll blog … Continued

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