Configuring Rancher

Once you have created a server with Rancher on it, you’ll have to wait a minute or two before the software completes initializing. During this time, it’s a good idea to configure DNS so that you can access your Rancher server from a friendly DNS name.

You’ll know Rancher has finished initialization once you can access the endpoint [your server IP/hostname]:8080.

By default, Rancher does not have an authentication mechanism enabled. However, it’s quite easy to enable GitHub authentication so that only you or your team can access Rancher. To do so, click the red banner at the top of your Rancher dashboard and follow the provided instructions to create a GitHub application identifier and secret.

Rancher Initial Setup

Even though you, and everyone who uses your Rancher installation, currently need a GitHub account to authenticate, you do not need to actually pay for GitHub private repositories or use it for source code hosting.

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