If you've recently noticed a little bar appearing at the top of your screen on this website asking you to follow me on Twitter, then you've already experienced ThreeBar, a new service I've been working on.

In summary, ThreeBar is a welcome bar service that allows you to promote content to your visitors. Whether you're looking to draw visitors to your book's home page, get people to follow you on Twitter, or simply say hello, ThreeBar is designed for you.

ThreeBar also keeps detailed analytics for your bar, including the number of times it is viewed, closed, and clicked. This allows you to determine whether your ThreeBar is performing to your standards.

A/B tests can also be run by creating multiple bars in a group. Each bar is then rotated evenly and a random bar is shown to each visitor. Analytics are tracked per-bar, so you can then compare the click through rate for each.

If you're interested, you can register for ThreeBar completely free with the free plan or a 7 day trial with any one of the paid plans.

Let me know what you think of the service and if you have any feedback or questions!