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There’s a famous statistic released by Amazon’s Greg Linden that indicated sales on Amazon decreased 1% for every 100ms increase in latency. Similarly, Google’s research concluded an extra half-second in page rendering time resulted in 20% lost traffic, while Shopzilla found that a 5-second increase in loading speed resulted in 25% more page views, 10% increased revenue, and over 100% increase in traffic from Google.

Your website may not have revenue in the billions of dollars, but a 20% decrease in traffic is significant for any company or blogger. And while you personally may not experience such a large impact in page views, consider the case where your WordPress website is completely unavailable due to maintenance or a server problem.

The goal of this series is to ultimately tune your website to load in under half a second. With the proper resource concatination and optimization, you may even be able to push this load time down to 200ms or less. Of course, all of this depends on the location of your visitor and their internet connection, but if you can shave a second or two off of your load time on a fast broadband connection, users on slower 3G (or even dial-up) networks will also see a significant benefit.

There’s quite a line-up ahead. The course is structured with basic, easy optimization tips towards the beginning and more advanced tuning techniques near the end– there’s something for everyone, and I hope you find it useful.