Jekyll By Example

In what can only be explained as the Ultimate Jekyll Tutorial, you will learn how to build a Jekyll website start to finish. From a blank folder on your file system, you will learn how to install Ruby, Jekyll, and the various modules it depends on. You will then build a full, working Jekyll blog from scratch using the Twitter Bootstrap framework and deploy it on Amazon S3.

“Learning Jekyll By Example” will teach you everything you need to know about publishing a Jekyll website.


  1. 2
    Installing Jekyll Before we begin to build the website itself, we must first install the Jekyll tool.
  2. 8
    Installing Jekyll Plugins Learn how to install plugins for the Jekyll static website generator in this short lesson.
  3. 9
    Optimizing Your Jekyll Website For Search Engines Search engine optimization is the practice of modifying or maintaining one's website so search engines, such as Google or Bing, rank the site higher in...
  4. 10
    Optimizing Load Times Your Jekyll website is inherently fast, but learn how to take it to the next level in this lesson. We'll explore asset pipelines and resource...
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    Materials Additional materials, such as the completed website you should have built using this tutorial, can be obtained by purchasing a copy of this tutorial. You...


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