Wall of Text Experiment with Node.js

Update: The experiment has been taken down due to Nodejitsu shutting down their free plans. I'll look into reuploading it at some point.

I've been working pretty hard on one of my projects and decided to take a small break and do a little experiment. A while ago (years?), I saw a website that allowed anyone to type anywhere on the screen. I decided to take a couple of hours tonight and recreate it using Node.JS.

My version of the Wall of Text app is available here.

It's built with Node.JS, Socket.IO, and Express (which really was unnecessary, but I was lazy and didn't want to work with the vanilla Node.JS HTTP server). Nodejitsu is providing the hosting.

I'm looking into making it into an infinite canvas, but for now, it extends as far as your screen goes. I suppose if you had a really big screen it would go infinitely... Those with 1080p+ monitors will be able to see beyond those with smaller resolutions. It's sort of an exclusive club if you can see the text on the outskirts of the wall ;)

The wall resets every six hours and shows the number of users connected in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


See it here.